Weight Loss – Losing Weight in a Hurry?

If you wish to lose weight in a very short period of time, it cannot be done naturally through controlling the food habits and regular practice of physical activity.  They are highly time taking to lose all the weight, but will come in handy to maintain weight after losing the extra pounds. It can be done through medical intervention either by use of diet pills or by surgical procedures basing on the number of pounds to be lost. With the daily busy routine most of them are unable to spare time for exercise and are selecting diet pills as a way to shed their extra pounds. Following is the discussion on how to lose weight by use of diet pills and by surgical procedures.

The use of diet pills to lose weight: most of the pills are not effective as they promise to do so. Check for FDA approval before selecting one. They should be used only under medical supervision. Do not use over the counter pills.

Diet pills work by controlling the centers in the brain that control the appetite, and can be said as appetite suppressants. The regular use of these diet pills will curb hunger and you will start to eat less. As a result of which, the body reserve calories are burnt to meet the daily requirements, and ultimately you will start to lose weight. But remember in most of the cases, it is a temporary phenomenon, like once you stop having the diet pills and if you cannot have self control on your dietary habits you will start regaining weight. The use of diet pills cannot be said as a permanent solution to lose weight. They will only help you to gain control over your eating habits.

Most of the diet pills are based on the component phentermine hydrochloride or phendimetrazine, which are amines. The generic drugs Meridia, Bontril, lonamin and Adipex are phentermine based. Benzphetamine hydrochloride is another ingredient that is seen in diet pills. It works as an anorectic agent.

Surgical Procedures to lose weight: for people who are morbidly obese with various other health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases these surgical procedures provide a great relief. There are a great number of surgical procedures available with varied degree of side effects or risks. It is essential to consult your doctor to know how it suits your body condition before undergoing.

If you are in a notion that these surgical procedures will take of the extra fat over the counter phentermine amazon from your body and thus you will be losing instantly then you are totally wrong. These surgical procedures act by reducing the volume of stomach and the area of absorption, like reduction in the length of small intestine. Due to reduction in the stomach volume you will consume less amount of food and even if you cannot resist having food, it will not get absorbed due to reduction in the volume of small intestine. Within six months of undergoing surgery you will definitely see a change in your weight.