The Tennessee Titans And Houston Texans Choose Recycled Names From The AFL

In football, as in other sports, a team name is an essential part of a team’s identity. The teams are cheered by that name, the fans take pride in being associated with that name, and the players even become associated with that name if they play for the team long enough. It appears on the stadium, in the program, on television, and on a good deal of the clothing worn by the fans attending the game. Rarely in professional football is one team name associated with or thought of as being part of another team’s history.

Thanks to the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans though, there are two names that can be associated with two different teams.

New York Titans – Tennessee Titans
When the AFL was founded, one of the cities that had to have a team was the city of New York. Without placing a team there, the league would not have looked nearly as legitimate as it needed to be. After two unsuccessful seasons, and a new ownership group, the team changed it’s name to the New York Jets to try and relaunch itself. It worked, as by the end of the decade they had one of the biggest stars in the league, Joe Namath, and had won a Super Bowl over a more established NFL team. When the Houston Oilers had relocated to Tennessee following the 1996 season, many people expected a new name. It would eventually come, but first they would play two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers. When their new stadium was finished, the team moved into it and adorned themselves with a new name, one that hadn’t been seen in pro football in more than thirty years, the Tennessee Titans.

Dallas Texans – Houston Titans
Another of the founding members of the AFL, and one that continues on to this day in the NFL, was the Dallas Texans. When plans for the AFL to have a team in Dallas were first discussed, there was no NFL option in the city to compete against. Shortly after they were established there though that would all change. The NFL awarded a new franchise to the city of Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys were a popular sports and entertainment option right from the start. The Dallas Texans wereufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1 a good team, but two pro football teams in the city just wasn’t working. The Texans relocated to the nearest large city lacking a pro football team after the 1962 season, and after a change of names, the Kansas City Chiefs were born. A little less than 40 years later, after the NFL had granted an expansion team to the city of Houston to make up to them for the leaving of the Oilers, the name Texans would beat out several other options and the Houston Texans would be born.