The Perfect Bodybuilder Car

Over the years, bodybuilders develop a number of shortcuts and quick remedies to make their journey from skinny pencil-neck geek to musclebound hero move a little faster. These shortcuts tend to eliminate those moments when resources will not be available, and allow the bodybuilder to make the most of his time and energy. Always having the things you need on hand for growth means growth is more likely to take place, and helps to prevent the athlete from entering that dreaded world of catabolism. Let’s look at some of the items a bodybuilder should keep in his or her car in order to have the most opportunities for success.


Protein powder may spoil when kept in the heat, so you don’t want to leave a tub of it in your trunk. However, bottled water and a few pouches of mk2866 tuna should remain in the bag at all times. Also, powdered Gatorade or other drinks which will not be affected by the temperature should be included.

Gym Accessories

Gloves, weight belts, chains, and chalk are items which should be stored in your truck or in a crate inside your car at all times. You may opt for a gym bag to contain these items, but the home of this bag should be inside your car or in the trunk at all times. Your traditional thinking may preclude this practice, opting to bring in the bag to your house every time. However, if you ever find yourself fin a new neighborhood, short on time but desperate for a workout at a new facility, you’ll be very glad you included this backup bag in your trunk.


Always keep a spare pair of gym clothes, as well as a back-up outfit in your trunk. You may find yourself ruining your gym clothes somehow, or just plain forgetting them. Instead of letting an event like this cost you a training day, revert to your backup stash of clothing designated for just such an occasion. A pair of shorts, socks, shoes, two pairs of shorts, and a few T-shirts should suffice. Also be sure to include a sweatshirt, should the cold temperature at the gym one day prevent you from training optimally.