How to Speed Up Hair Growth Using Cost-Effective Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are the most cost-effective ways you can speed up the growth of your hair. You won’t find them hard to do and you’ll see results that far surpass other things you may have tried. Why are natural hair loss remedies so much better than traditional stuff like herbal pills, solutions, and even transplants? First of all consider the cost of getting these types of treatments done.

A hair transplant will run you into the thousands and all of those over-the-counter baldness solutions cost around $30 per month. This will add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Not that spending your money is a bad thing, but these products don’t necessarily give you the best possible chance for regrowing your hair.

One of the most easiest things you can do right now to speed up hair growth is scalp massage. Scalp massage is what will send more blood and thus more nutrients right to your follicles. This will give your follicles all of the power they need to give way to more hair for you. All of that thinning hair that is nagging you day in and day out can be history just from this one simple exercise.

Besides scalp massage there are herbal supplements for hair growth too. Don’t worry they’re very low in side effects and their cost is very cheap. Take for example the use of saw palmetto extract. Saw palmetto is an effective blocker of the hormone DHT which leads to male pattern baldness. By taking it daily you’ll ward off the production of this dangerous hair-killingFolexin hormone. In the process you’ll be rewarded with a thicker, fuller head of hair that you can be proud about.