Can Tissue Salts Ease a Gout Attack?

The pain of a gout attack is not something a sufferer soon forgets, which is why finding treatment that provides sufficient relief for an attack is mandatory. Although there are different medications to treat gout, there are also different non-drug treatments such as tissue salts which can provide relief.

What are tissue salts? They are inorganic compounds that play a vital role in the function and growth of cells in the body. Mineral tissue salts exist in the human body and were found to be beneficial in treating certain health conditions by Dr. Wilhem Schüessler, a 19th century German doctor.

Schüessler theorized that tissue salts were essential for bodily tissues to function normally and prevent health problems. Hence, by ingesting the deficient tissue salts, a resulting illness could heal. To prove his theory, Schüessler conducted studies on his own patients and achieved successful results.

How do mineral tissue salts work to ease a gout attack? First of all, there are 12 mineral salts:

1. Calcium fluoride

2. Calcium phosphate

3. Calcium sulphate

4. Ferrum phosphate

5. Kali muriaticum

6. Kali phosphate

7. Kali sulphate

8. Magnesium phosphate

9. Natrum muriaticum

10. Natrum phosphate

11. Natrum sulphate

12. Silica

Different combinations of these tissue salts make up every cell in the body. Each tissue salt is designed to correct deficiencies or imbalances that occur in cells. They work by restoring, maintaining and improving good health when used as long-term treatment.

The mineral tissue salts used for treating a gout attack are –

Natrum phosphate – This tissue salt is an acid neutralizer. It helps to regulate bile and is constituent of the fluid between cells and is also an element of brain, blood, muscle and nerve cells. This tissue salt helps to treat all forms of inflammation, especially inflammation caused by gout. Natrum phosphate is commonly used for treating chronic gout as it helps with the production of overacidity.

Natrum sulphate – This tissue salt eradicates excessive water from Rad 140 Testolone Dosage blood, tissue and other body fluids. It cleans and purifies toxins from the fluid that borders each of the body’s cells. Natrum sulphate plays an essential role in the healthy functioning of the pancreas and the liver. It is ideal for treating gout attacks that occur after eating purine rich foods and alcohol. This is because it effectively eliminates the toxins associated with each food product from the body.