A Game of Football by Notre Dame

With the presence of Charlie Weis, sports aficionados and detractors have concluded that Notre Dame is not a threat. Scoring 2 and 0 up to this time, they have won both games with a big offense. ESPN College Gameday crew, on the other hand, believes the Michigan State will easily win.

Announcers and gurus choose teams depending on how they have played before and on the safest bet; however, they are proven to be wrong most of the time. Having a college day following a morning Sunday game and prior all the NFL pre-games would be nice. Someone can host it who will rip all of their choices and they can finally admit that they were wrong. This will entirely give us a hint of what they really know.

Being an ardent fan of Notre Dame, I always watch their games. Nonetheless, I do believe that Michigan State is a weak team and will not be able to win over the Irish this year. I do admit that my favorite Mark May is an ESPN guy. He just hates them and is the most unfair person of them all.

The reason he abhors Notre Dame is because he was not accepted when he submitted his application. This started when Tyrone Willingham was dismissed just because he is black. He, however, is really very lucky to have won a winning season at Notre Dame.

Willingham was appointed because the press clamors for something nice ติดต่อแทงบอล ufabet to talk about when they found out that George O’Leary’s resume is full of lies. For me, O’Leary would have been a good coach although Mark May did not see that in him. That is where Weis came into the picture. Critics will still continue on choosing teams. Anyway we got Weiss. Announcers will, in time, no longer be choosing the opposing team. This is because Clausen is real good and has an offensive line who is doing a very nice job this year.