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The Victory Bell Rivalry Football Game Between the University of Cincinnati and Miami University

The Victory Bell is the traveling trophy that is played for every football season between Miami University and the University of Cincinnati. Even though these two college football programs are currently in different conferences they continue to play each other every season. The first game between these two Ohio schools occurred all the way back in 1888. That date makes this the current oldest out of conference rivalry game in collegiate football.

The location of the University of Cincinnati campus is quite obviously in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many people get Miami University confused with the University of Miami. The University of Miami Hurricanes wear orange and green and are based in south Florida in the city of Miami. Miami University on the other hand is located in Oxford, Ohio. The name of Miami University comes from the Miami Valley which in turn takes its name from the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio. The name of the river comes from the title of the Native American people that lived in the area during the era of European exploration.

It takes less than an hour to drive the 36 miles from the Oxford campus to the Cincinnati campus. Due to the close proximity student turn out from the visiting school is very strong for the Victory Bell game. Many students from both schools have friends that they grew up with who now attend their rival institution of higher learning.

Despite having only spent a few years in the same college football conference back in the late 1940s and early 1950s these two college football programs have played each other a staggering 114 times. The inaugural meeting that laid the groundwork for this historical rivalry occurred on a cold Ohio day back on December 8, 1888 when Miami University was the host for what has been recognized as the first college football game ever played in the state of Ohio. Fittingly for the even nature of this rivalry the final score of that first game was a tie.

The Victory Bell was a prominent feature on the Oxford campus before it was a traveling trophy. It was way back in the 1890s that the formerly functioning bell became a keepsake trophy for whichever team claimed the most recent victory. The original Victory Bell has since been turned into a permanent display in an alumni center in Oxford. A replica of the original has been used since the first version was misplaced in the 1930s.

Despite losing the last four contests Miami University still has a comfortable ทางเข้า ufabetseries lead of 59-48-7 over the University of Cincinnati. In spite of being behind in the overall standing Cincinnati can feel good about having won the last meetings between these two Ohio schools.

Football – Skills and Fundamentals

Although size, power, and speed are desirable in players, the game’s fundamental skills can be learned and perfected only by practice. Many a slower or smaller player becomes outstanding by mastering blocking, tackling, kicking, running, passing, or receiving.


In tackling, a defensive player’s body and arms are used to bring a ballcarrier to the ground or stop the carrier’s forward progress. In a tackle from the front, the tackler hits the opponent with the shoulder a few inches above the opponent’s knees, at the same time wrapping both arms around and lifting the opponent, and then driving the opponent to the ground. Many times the tackle is made from the side or by grabbing a ballcarrier by the arm or the leg as the carrier races by. Sometimes it takes more than one tackler to stop a powerful ballcarrier. If so, the effective way to bring the carrier down or stop the carrier’s forward progress is for one tackler to hit the player high and the other, low.

Running with the Ball.

In running with the ball the prime consideration is to gain yardage and to avoid fumbling or having the ball stolen. The ballcarrier protects the ball by placing the palm of the hand around the front part of the ball and tucking it against his side, his elbow firmly placed against it. The ball should be carried in the arm away from a potential tackler whenever possible, freeing the other arm for warding off (straight-arming) tacklers. Runners follow the paths opened up by their blockers, shifting directions quickly, changing pace, and forcing their way past opponents to gain yardage.


Passing, or throwing, the ball is one of football’s more difficult skills. The quarterback throws nearly all of the passes in standard offensive systems. Occasionally a halfback or fullback throws a pass, after first feinting a running play; generally, such a pass is thrown on the run. In rare instances an end, dropping into the backfield, will throw.

To be legal, a pass must be thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. The passer grips the ball with four fingers across the laces; the thumb is spread. With the elbow out in front and the ball held behind the ear, the passer releases the ball with a quick snap of the wrist. The ball must spiral, rather than proceed end over end, in order to move swiftly through the air and be easy to catch. The short pass is often thrown by quarterbacks on the run. For a long pass the passer must rear back and bring one foot forward, making certain to follow through with the body after releasing the ball.

Pass Receiving.

A ทางเข้า ufabetand his receivers can a successful passing attack be developed.…

Logitech G11 Keyboard Review – Is This The Best Gaming Keyboard Ever?

“Gracious, my god! This is a gigantic console” was the absolute first articulation of mine when I saw the container of Logitech G11 console. Amazingly it was a monster console with 21.5” length and 10.25” width, yet has a cool and appealing look. With the huge plan of Logitech G11, it incorporates 18 full scale keys which of the each held 3 modes thus it offers the ability of an additional 54 keys other than the 104 standard keys. As this High-tech highlighted console gives us 54 extra key capacities, your interest might propel you to peruse this survey and without a doubt the time you spend here won’t ever be a waste. Most recent rendition of the Logitech gamers’ console or the high level variant of Logitech G11 will be delivered in not so distant future, yet tragically at an exorbitant cost level.\

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard! - YouTube

Basically, Logitech G11 is a console which was uniquely intended for gamers and power clients. This gaming console has an extraordinary plan with the keys of top caliber, gives a superb gaming experience. The size of the keys, yet in addition the places of the keys, improve the adequacy and the effectiveness also. In the event that there is a console which hot swap mechanical keyboard made nearly with wonderful key capacities, this is all there is to it. This Logitech G11 satisfies two principle prerequisites of a gaming console that 100 percent exact usefulness and additional solace. These two key elements straightforwardly effect on work on your cognizance in gaming nature. Another specialty is that the blue backdrop illumination impact which assists you with playing the games or play out any interaction while you are uninformed and this cool and marvelous component most certainly assists you with partaking in the gaming nature in dim.

Large scale keys, the primary element of Logitech G11, were named as “G keys” and in the highest point of the console there are a few media keys. Whenever you go through the keys, you will notice the absence of the media keys which are futile and the G keys can be worked in sight and sound purposes as well. As the speedy send off buttons actuate the sluggishness, Logitech G11 designers have excluded them in the console and the other intriguing component is that you can handicap the standard capacity keys, for example, Right Selection key and Windows key to keep the coincidentally stopped yourself from the game. Three backdrop illumination levels as off, low and high can be changed by utilizing the backdrop illumination button which put on the right half of the console and close to that button you will track down the quiet button too.…

Understanding Slot Machines And Payback Percentages

Spaces are by a wide margin the most famous club games, and it is the same on the web. The vast majority play openings for the diversion esteem they offer, or for the guarantee of winning an extraordinary big stake. Relatively few take a lot of notice of spaces compensation rates, and how understanding them could work on their triumphant open doors. It is certainly beneficial for each space plays to comprehend these.

Payout rates decide the rate a gaming machine will pay out corresponding to the take, or the aggregate sum bet on the machine. The recompense level of a gambling machine game is straightforwardly connected with the house edge, or the normal club net dominate off that match. For instance, a gaming machine that promotes a 94% restitution rate has a 6% house edge. The house edge as far as online gambling club games are well might be aware and distributed, including table games like blackjack.

There is be that as it may, a slight distinction however in how a gambling machine’s restitution rate applies to the player’s supposed success when contrasted with the house edge of a table game. Suppose for instance you are playing a 5-c openings game, with a beginning bankroll of $50, and after one playing meeting you end up with 60 credits on the machine. Your compensation rate during this meeting was 60/50=120%. Presently lets say you keep on playing with your $60, and you end up with a bankroll of $38 after 60 twists. From the place where you began playing, the gambling machine game has taken in ($50 + $60) and repaid ($60 + $39) which likens to a compensation level of 99/110 or 90%. Presently assuming you continue to play with your leftover total of $39; and end up with a surplus of $35, the compensation is determined as (60 + 39 + 35)/(50 + 60 + 39) = 134/149 = 90%.

You will concur that this model is very sensible judi online assuming you play openings, and, surprisingly, more so as spaces are a considerable amount more unpredictable by and large. Tragically with openings, you could continue to play and really experience a much lower compensation rate than in the model, and your back roll will reduce after some time. This truly does obviously change when you hit a big stake, as the recompense rate will increase and could work out positively more than 100 percent. The brilliant rule for openings players is to quit playing when this occurs, which is obviously exceptionally difficult to do. The vast majority will accept that they are having some fantastic luck, and ward veering off, in light of the normal compensation level of the game, you will perpetually lose, the more you play. Individuals who bring in cash from playing openings are those with discipline.

In any case, the fame of gambling machines lies in this instability, since there will continuously be players who hit a major bonanza The drawback is that the unpredictability will have the contrary impact for most players who can’t practice discipline. Now and again you will play through your bankroll and lose the part, yet on the off chance that you play consistently, you will most likely make little wins as frequently. The vast majority simply continue onward and for that reason the club simply adores the openings games. At last the greater part of us who loves openings play them for the incredible amusement they offer us. Why not play mindfully and over an extended time safeguard your bankroll and subsequently increment your possibility hitting a piece bonanza?…

Fantasy Football With Your Pup – NFL Cheerleader Dog Dress

A cheerleader dog dress could be just the thing you need to enjoy the NFL season or fantasy football with your pooch. She will feel like a special part of the family when you get her all dressed up in a great cheerleader outfit and spend the day with her enjoying some great football.

NFL dog cheerleader costume choices are also a lot of fun when it comes to fantasy football, the NFL and football in general. You can dress her up and show her off or hang around the house enjoying your favorite games together.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy fantasy football with your dog:

· Invite the friends over for a fantasy football party and let her dress in her NFL cheerleader dress.

· Watch the games and track your progress with her by your side as your own personally fantasy team cheerleader.

For many people, dogs are man’s best friend. If you’re like us, your pup is officially a part of the family. This is why it is so important to most dog owners to find ways to splurge every now and then on their puppy or to bring the dog in as part of the family. Including her in your football celebrations is just one more way that you can include her in things that you love and enjoy.

If you’re going to go for a cheerleader dog dress then you just need to make a few decisions about things such as what kind of cheer suit you want, what team she will represent for you and what size you need. If you have any doubts about the size, then it will be important to measure and weigh her before you order.

If you have more than one female dog in your family, you can dress them all up as matching cheerleaders for your favorite team and make NFL days more fun for the whole family. You can bring her out for smiles and cheers during your fantasy football drafts and meetings www.ufabet and you can take her around town in her cheer outfit even when the games are not on to show everyone who you and your pup are rooting for.

Finally, these cheer suits for dogs also make a great gift for any football or fantasy football lover in your family who has a female dog that loves to wear clothing. It’s the kind of gift that literally keeps on giving because she will bring many smiles when she walks around wearing this cheer dress.

Casino Games – A Brief Review Of Piggs Casino

Of late, I had been keeping watch for a web-based club that looked astounding as well as played distinctively on an assortment of betting measurements. Piggs Casino grabbed my attention, enticing my betting faculties, and left behind a lovely smell of cash in my pocket!

You will observe Piggs gambling club games, an extremely intriguing and simple club programming to introduce, as I did. One of the debut Microgaming club is presently being represented by the Palace Group, an individual from Spin Palace Casino. Notoriety counts for any web-based club. Trust me; I was unable to oppose myself from introducing such an enthusiastically suggested game with such countless progressed functionalities. Also, as far as the 24x 7 client care support, one can undoubtedly rank Piggs Casino as one of the top internet based club.

Assuming you expect to receive greatest judi slot online reward from online gambling clubs, Piggs Casino ought to be your normal decision. There are north of 180 games with excellent diversion esteem on the get go. Whenever I played the game interestingly, maybe I was sitting in one of the first class gambling clubs in Vegas. Regardless of the game you pick – from table gaming to video poker – all are similarly alluring.

I could give a shot a large portion of the games before really downloading the one that got my extravagant. I chose to go for the bronze enrollment plan – the player in me is uneasy of anything new! 15 rounds through I naturally decided to pick in for the VIP participation – I just couldn’t hold myself from gaining admittance to the exceptional offices that came piggybacking with it.

Online Piggs club can measure up to a web-heaven for veteran card sharks like me. Why? All things considered, I could play 11 dark jack games, craps, four roulette games and others as parts of table games. Space game included 100 openings, video spaces, reward highlight openings and moderate openings. Following a month, I was even qualified for new video opening games – I simply love them! The big stake games including King Cash Lot and Black Jack add the exemplary touch to the club.

Store and withdrawal choices are basic and not at all like a portion of the complex web-based gambling clubs, Piggs is more straightforward on the cerebrums of a novice. Other web-based club games are in many cases complicated and mistaking for individuals who are hoping to begin with internet betting. Credit or charge card, eCheck, Click2pay, or NETeller – pick the installment choice you need and Piggs has it for you.

Additionally, Piggs Casino offers me a week after week banking and gaming audit. I can undoubtedly check my past gaming records and break down my gaming style. Piggs guarantees total security of a player’s gaming subtleties however the utilization of demonstrated and prepared innovations.…

New I-Slots Are Changing the World of Online Casino Gambling

I-Slots are new interactive slot machine games that have revolutionized the world of online casinos. These i-slots games are exclusively available on casinos using the rival gaming software. I-slots offer players a exclusive opportunity to participate in the storyline that is unfolding before their very eyes, all while spinning their way to winning some real money, offering players a truly unique experience!

When you step up to an i-slot machine it will prove a short video explaining the plot and the characters of the storyline. Once you learn the basics, you can get started and take part in all of the action as it unfolds. Based on your spin you will be presented with different scenarios, features and choices. During game play there is an easily reachable map to keep you up to date on the stories evolution. To help you pass through the scenarios and win some cold hard cash, keep your eyes peeled for various bonus spins and scatters.

Some popular i-slots include:

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise
This game begins in the “travel agency”, then randomly selected destinations are reached through the bonus round. Every destination you go to is like a different slots game with unique symbols, look and bonus round.

As The Reel Turns Part 1
This i-slot game is a comic type soap opera set in Las Vegas Casino. This episode consists of 7 scenes. Remember the more you play, the more of the story you will unfold.

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist
You Travel back in time to Paris joining the notorious art thieves Remi and Raoul Mouchard, as they attempt to commit a crime that will shock the art world!

To conclude the i-slots are revolutionizing online casinos slot with their interactive storylines, bonuses, and scatters. You can watch the story unfold before your eyes by the actions and decisions you make.…

Bodybuilding Training Secrets For Rock Hard Muscle

It’s for quite some time been related in lifting weights circles that the most lively chaps become the best jocks. This is both valid and counterfeit. Of course, when you watch the preparation DVDs of top lifting weights experts, a typical subject is that they all train with a degree of force you don’t see in many exercise rooms. Nonetheless, there likewise are numerous experts who train with less fire, who actually see generally excellent outcomes, who don’t make DVDs. Similarly as there are presumably people in your exercise center who gauge a strong 175 pounds who probably train similarly as hard as Ronnie Coleman. Power is incredible when it can occur long term. Unintentionally, this winds up characterizing weightlifting consistency for progress.

Consistency is significant in various roads. Reliable preparation includes coming to the exercise center for all of your training day (if it’s four or five days of the week) around 50 weeks yearly. Reliable preparation includes remaining at the exercise center for 45 to 75 mins, the vast majority of these exercises. You can’t simply add twenty mins of sidelining or twists in your home rec center during ads and expect indistinguishable outcomes you would see from fundamentally appearing at the exercise room consistently. Power is huge, however weighty preparation 1 or 2 days seven days will be bested by lesser training five days of the week. Diet is a region where YK 11 SARMs Dosage people frequently wrongly accept greatness is more basic than consistency. A few weightlifters will eat totally two days out of each week, and afterward eat whatever is lying around the other 5 days. They won’t see similar degree of results as the weightlifter who eats strong (yet not impeccably) seven days out of each week.

It additionally ought to be noticed that you should continually do things RIGHT assuming you really want to get results. You might be in the exercise center five days out of every week strictly. However, assuming you are hurling around the loads and letting your joints and ligaments accomplish the work the entirety of that time, you won’t observer the outcomes you ought to see. Work with a mentor and ask the experts what you are fouling up, so you can consistently make upgrades.

in the long run, some portion of savvy consistency is knowing when to ease off the force. You might be moving past a physical issue or basically confronting the hardships of maturing. It’s not possible for anyone to prepare with similar strength at age fifty as they could at thirty, regardless of what lifting weights supplements they’re on, for sure their rest and nourishment plans are like. Reliably sloping down your preparation power when nature and age require it’s the last piece of the consistency puzzle.

on the off chance that you’d like the most noteworthy consequences of all, train and eat strongly on a predictable premise. The fact that makes a muscle head incredible makes this structure the one. Whenever she or he can utilize hyper-serious preparation, along with savvy consuming less calories and good rest, over various weeks, months, and years, extraordinary consistency is achieved. Observing this interesting blend of elements ought to be your objective in the gym assuming you might want to arrive at your muscle building potential.…

How to Speed Up Hair Growth Using Cost-Effective Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are the most cost-effective ways you can speed up the growth of your hair. You won’t find them hard to do and you’ll see results that far surpass other things you may have tried. Why are natural hair loss remedies so much better than traditional stuff like herbal pills, solutions, and even transplants? First of all consider the cost of getting these types of treatments done.

A hair transplant will run you into the thousands and all of those over-the-counter baldness solutions cost around $30 per month. This will add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Not that spending your money is a bad thing, but these products don’t necessarily give you the best possible chance for regrowing your hair.

One of the most easiest things you can do right now to speed up hair growth is scalp massage. Scalp massage is what will send more blood and thus more nutrients right to your follicles. This will give your follicles all of the power they need to give way to more hair for you. All of that thinning hair that is nagging you day in and day out can be history just from this one simple exercise.

Besides scalp massage there are herbal supplements for hair growth too. Don’t worry they’re very low in side effects and their cost is very cheap. Take for example the use of saw palmetto extract. Saw palmetto is an effective blocker of the hormone DHT which leads to male pattern baldness. By taking it daily you’ll ward off the production of this dangerous hair-killingFolexin hormone. In the process you’ll be rewarded with a thicker, fuller head of hair that you can be proud about.

The Benefits of BCAA Supplements For Bodybuilders

BCAA (branched chain amino acids) supplements are a combination of essential amino acids used to prevent muscle damage during intense workouts. Even though these supplements are not as widely used as protein or creatine, they are continuously rising in popularity at the moment. The essential amino acids included in BCAA’s are lecucine, valine, and isoleucine. These amino’s make up about 1/3 of muscle tissue. These essential nutrients are very important for the production of proteins in the human body. Because the number of these amino acids is high in the muscles, adding them into your system via supplements help reduce the chances of muscle damage and increase muscle repair.

How Do These Supplements Work?

Most of the time after the completion of a high intensity workout, the body is in a state where it breaks down muscle tissue to use to fuel and repair damaged muscles. This is called being in a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. We don’t want this! So by taking a BCAA supplement before, during, or after your high intensity workout, you will be supplying your muscles with muscle building nutrients that will aid in rebuilding your muscles quicker, creating a anabolic (muscle building) state. The body activates its muscle growth signals and releases a pathway that increases the production of protein. By combining amino acids with the natural protein-producing rhythm of your body, you maximize the results from your workout. These supplements act independently and don’t interact with the protein pathways of your body.

Due to this, when BCAA supplements are used post workout, the body produces a lot more protein, which is very important for bodybuilders, athletes, and for the general population as well. BCAA’s actually decrease the recovery time of the muscles as they increase Best HGH supplements for Salethe muscle growth rate. Another important thing that you should know is that there is a difference between non-essential and essential amino acids: our bodies cannot produce essential AA’s naturally. This is why BCAA supplements are recommended to use when training the muscles.…